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October 28, 2015

College requires a lot of dedication from students, especially when it comes to coursework. Classes are much more accelerated than those in high school causing a bit of shock to incoming freshmen students. A student can arm his or her self with the latest technological advancements in order to dodge disaster and increase productivity. This is almost the only way to survive for working, full time students.

Laptop Case


A heavy duty laptop case is important to protect all of the documents on the student’s computer while traveling between classes. At any point, a cheap laptop case could allow a computer to break upon hitting pavement; not all laptop cases are created equal. A heavy duty Pelican laptop case is usually the best way to protect a computer, as they provide lots of safety features unlike cloth laptop bags.

Flash Drive


Flash drives are a great way to store homework assignments. They can be carried around on a key chain, and allow a student to work on his or her assignments from any computer that they access. Flash drives come in a variety of styles, sizes, and prices. A student might only need a cheap 1 GB drive, or they might need over 100 GB of space; either way, there is a drive out there to fit the budget and the needs of the student.

Tape Recorder


Tape recorders are great for recording lectures. Usually, professors speak too quickly and provide much more material than can be typed or written by a student at once. Therefore, many students ask for the professor’s permission to record lectures to turn them into notes later on. Some professors may not allow students to use recorders, but most do.

Speech to Text Software


Speech to text software is incredibly useful for any busy student. It works by recognizing the student’s voice, and turning it into text within a word processor. Dragon Naturally Speaking is an example of speech to text software. Students can use this with their lecture recordings, putting the notes in their own words. They can also use it to quickly write a rough draft of an upcoming paper or essay.

The big transition into college is much easier when a student is prepared. Protecting the computer from document loss, increasing productivity, and working wisely all go hand in hand. Being enrolled in college doesn’t mean a student must give up working or socializing anymore.


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