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Fans Are Convinced The Dragon Quest III Remake Is Actually A Trilogy

The first three games in the series could be coming to modern audiences soon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Image: Square Enix

Hey, remember that Dragon Quest III remake Square Enix announced back in 2021, then never spoke about again? Well, it still exists. In celebration of Dragon Quest Day on May 27 (the day in 1986 when the first game in the series released), Square Enix finally posted a Dragon Quest 3 update that already has fans hyped. Even with what little information the new update gives, there are already theories that this is more than just a Dragon Quest 3 remake—it may be a whole trilogy.

The remake’s resurgence came in the form of a post on X (formerly Twitter) from the official Dragon Quest account. A short 20-second teaser reveals a fancy logo as well as the remake’s official platforms: PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The post has a message attached that reads, “The legend of Eldrick draws near.” Given that we haven’t gotten an update on the game in three years, it’s a little disappointing that the teaser didn’t show off any gameplay or new screenshots, though we do know that it will be done in Square Enix’s HD-2D style, which blends pixelated character sprites with more expansive and detailed open worlds.


The detail that has fans most excited, however, is the lack of Dragon Quest 3 in the announcement. Only the series logo is shown, which has people theorizing that in addition to Dragon Quest 3, the first and second games will be included as a remake package.


This theory also comes from the “legend of Eldrick” message in the original post. Eldrick is a recurring name and title throughout the series used to refer to the game’s hero. The name comes from the original Dragon Quest, which references Eldrick as the protagonist’s heroic ancestor. This Eldrick is of narrative importance to Dragon Quest 1 and 2, and Dragon Quest 3 tells the story of the original Eldrick. The original three titles are referred to as the Eldrick trilogy.

To add fuel to the fire, reliable leaker Midori weighed in on the news with a handful of information on X. According to Midori, it will be released by the end of this fiscal year (March 2025) and is no longer just a Dragon Quest 3 remake but a remake of the Eldrick trilogy. Midori claims it will make an appearance at the next Nintendo Direct, so hopeful fans have something to look forward to.