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Fortnite’s New Season Adds Fallout, Magneto, And Off-Brand Mad Max

Chapter 5 Season 3, Wrecked, welcomes players to the Wasteland

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Lineup of Fortnite characters including Magneto, Peabody, and Megolo Don
Image: Epic Games

After a handful of teases of things to come, Fortnite has finally revealed what players can look forward to in Chapter 5 Season 3. Epic Games’ ubiquitous battle royale full of licensed crossovers is shifting into a post-apocalyptic gear just as Furiosa lands in theaters. As previously teased, a Fallout collaboration will be part of the latest season, but that’s not all. Players can expect to get their hands on an iconic X-Men villain and explore a desert wasteland that is legally distinct from the timely Mad Max series but leans heavily into the same vehicular-centric sandy vibes.

Chapter 5 Season 3 is officially titled Wrecked and is officially live right now and, as mentioned, it’s wearing an off-brand Mad Max costume. Changes to the map in the form of a ferocious sandstorm that has left behind wreckage and brought new enemies have given it the new name of the Wasteland…which is just what they call the world in George Miller’s franchise. Car combat is highlighted in the new trailer, and Nitro will be a big part of the action as it will increase the speed of players and vehicles. The new War Bus will be one such vehicle, a massive car decked out with two cannons for you to wreak havoc with. Also on the map will be new locations like the Nitrodome.

Epic Games

It just so happens that Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga also releases in theaters today, so Fortnite is clearly hoping to capitalize on people coming out of the theater and wanting to play something with similar vibes. I guess until Miller’s dream Mad Max game developed by Hideo Kojima materializes, Fortnite will have to do for most gamers (or you could just go play the 2015 game from Avalanche Studios).


The main event of Wrecked is the new characters. They include the T-60 Power Armor famously worn by the Brotherhood of Steel in the Fallout series (to coincide with the recent, critically acclaimed Amazon Prime adaptation), a skin called Peabody that is three peas in a pod, Brite Raider (a variant of Brite Bomber), and the tier 100 Megalo Don skin. By purchasing and leveling up the Battle Pass, players can also unlock a number of crossover-related items like Fallout cosmetics and icons. The trailer for the new season also teases X-Men villain (and sometimes friend) Magneto. The master of magnetism will be joining the game in July, and he’ll be able to make a shield of metal for defense as well as launch projectiles for offense. Until then, players can enjoy all the Fallout and wasteland content now available in Wrecked.