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Genshin Impact’s Next Big Region Is Giving Major Pokémon Vibes

We finally have our first look at Natlan, the home of the Pyro Archon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A Saurian looks over the nation of Natlan
Image: HoYoverse

With the imminent release of Genshin Impact version 4.7, which will down the story of Fontaine and its inhabitants, players are starting to look toward the future. Developer HoYoverse is doing the same, as the company gave us a surprise first look at the action RPG’s next location. Like past major updates that move the game’s main story from place to place, the nation of Natlan will be the headlining event of version 5.0 and based on the teaser trailer, it might have some unexpected inspirations.

In accordance with past updates and release schedules, version 5.0 of Genshin Impact will be coming near the end of the summer—likely an August debut for the nation of Natlan. In anticipation of that, the recent 4.7 livestream included a tease at what will come after Fontaine’s story wraps up. The short teaser, which lasts a little over a minute, doesn’t show off the mysterious Pyro Archon we are all clamoring to know more about, but it does reveal a new method of transportation.


As noted in the trailer, Natlan is a nation where humans and Saurians (which appear to be a reptilian-like species with possible links to dragons) live in harmony. Three varieties of Saurians are shown as unique methods of navigating the terrain of Natlan: One allows for burrowing under land and easily shooting up walls and other obstacles, the second swims through water and lava alike, and the third uses a grapple-like ability to shoot through the air.


The theory is that Natlan’s gimmick will be that players transform into these Saurian forms to make traversal easier. The design and type-like function of these adorable creatures have fans making connections to Pokémon. And eagle-eyed fans pointed out that the trailer starts by showing six type-based symbols before reducing to the three Saurian types shown in the trailer, suggesting there might be more to come for traversal.

Until then, players can get excited about version 4.7, which launches on June 5 and will likely close out the dramatic ending of Fontaine and its Hydro Archon. It’s been a roller coaster so far and will be a tough act for Natlan to follow.