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January 29, 2016

People who undergo surgery are often out of commission for a few days and sometimes even longer. They are no longer able to carry out their regular routines and handle important tasks like submitting paperwork to their doctor’s office. When you are facing a procedure like a bariatric operation or lap band surgery Tampa patients like you may find it handy to take care of important tasks well before you are admitted to the hospital. You can create a patient account and submit important paperwork by using the links on the medical facility’s website.

Creating a Patient Account

Establishing your patient account on the facility’s website can be important if you want the medical staff to know essential details about you in case of an emergency. The account setup allows you to include your full legal name, address, contact phone numbers, and email address. It also allows you to establish an emergency contact in case the doctors or nurses need this information.

Many facilities require that you include your next of kin and a power of attorney in case of an emergency. You will be able to include all of this information when you create a patient account on the website. You can make changes as necessary before and after the operation.

Payment Details

Another important element of setting up a patient account involves establishing some sort of payment method for co-pays and other financial requirements. You may list your health insurance provider in this section of your account. You likewise may list a credit card or bank account in case the hospital needs to bill you for any services.

Once this information is included, you can log onto the site and make any payments before you check yourself into the hospital. You can also use the same details after the procedure to make remaining payments on outstanding balances. This information can be changed as necessary as well.

Researching the Procedure

Another useful function of the website allows you to find out more about the procedure. You may want basic facts like what the incision will look like and what you will feel like after the operation is over. You can also find pre- and post-operative care instructions online.

Taking care of important details prior to an operation takes stress and worry off your mind later. You can use the facility’s website for this purpose.


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