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Two More Resident Evil Remakes Are Reportedly In the Works

CODE: Veronica fans rejoice, your time has finally come

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Claire and Chris Redfield stand with another guy, all holding guns
Image: Capcom

The next entries in the Resident Evil franchise to get the remake treatment will reportedly be 2000’s CODE: Veronica and 2002’s Zero. This would follow Capcom’s trend of delivering remakes of its old titles, the most recent being the 2023 Resident Evil 4 remake. The rumor comes from Dusk Golem, a prominent survival horror game leaker.

In a Twitter thread in which Dusk Golem gave an update on the state of Resident Evil development, they claimed that both CODE: Veronica and Zero remakes are “in development right now.” They also shut down the swirling rumors that the original Resident Evil is getting a remake (which would be the second time it’s been remade), saying flatly that this is “bullshit.” However, if leakers aren’t trustworthy enough for you, you don’t have to just take Dusk Golem’s word for it this time around: VGC journalist Andy Robinson seemed to corroborate the news on Twitter, saying “Listen to this man” in regards to Dusk Golem’s claims. Furthermore, IGN reported on these leaks, lending more credence to the rumors

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Image: Capcom

This is good news for Resident Evil fans, as the community has been clamoring for a CODE: Veronica re-release since long before the RE2 remake in 2019 kickstarted Capcom’s trend. The 2000 title, which was originally released on the Sega Dreamcast, follows RE2 protagonist Claire Redfield in what many believe is the true sequel to the second game in the series. It’s become something of a cult classic but hasn’t seen a release since the remastered version in 2011 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Resident Evil Zero, a prequel to the original Resident Evil, follows STARS member Rebecca Chambers; its story beats lead directly into the events that take place in the Spencer Mansion during RE1. It’s a more uneven game that is fairly divisive amongst RE fans, many of whom see it as the most boring game in the series.


It might be confusing that both of these games are just being remade now. A CODE: Veronica remake would have especially felt apt after either the RE2 or RE3 remakes were released. But perhaps Capcom is finally getting around to these two titles because the other option isn’t a very good one: The next mainline entry that hasn’t yet received the remake treatment is Resident Evil 5, a game whose most lasting legacy is its rampant racism and also that one scene where Chris Redfield punches a boulder. While the uneven RE6 could use a remake to smooth out the mechanical issues, RE5’s flaws are so deeply rooted in the characters, story, and world that a remake feels like courting controversy. So let’s be happy that we are getting CODE: Veronica and Zero instead.