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Wow, Even Super Nintendo World's Bathrooms Have Great Music

The Super Mario Bros. theme park at Universal Studios features some chill poopin' music

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Going to the bathroom is (hopefully) not a memorable part of your trip to a theme park or resort. However, the bathrooms in Super Nintendo World—with their wonderful, chill music—seem so good that you’ll be excited when nature calls.

Following delays, Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan finally opened in 2021 to long lines and high praise from Mario fans who appreciated all the details included in the park. About two years later, in 2023, a version of the Nintendo-themed expansion opened in Universal Studios Hollywood. This version of the Mario-themed world featured much of the same content found in Japan’s version, including some lovely music in the bathrooms.


As shared by the wonderful Supper Mario Broth on Twitter, within the Super Nintendo World expansion of Universal Studios Hollywood are underwater-themed bathrooms playing a lovely little tune over and over again while thousands of people use the park’s toilets and sinks.

Here’s the full bathroom track, courtesy of YouTubers Chubby Fan and Theme Park Scores.

Chubby Fan / Theme Park Scores / Nintendo / Universal Studios

Now, before you go tweeting that Nintendo composed original Mario music for pissin’ and poopin’, that’s not quite the case. The bathroom music featured in Universal Studios Hollywood (and Japan, too) sounds like the “Underwater Theme” from New Super Mario Bros Wii.


Here’s that song so you can compare. And don’t say I don’t do stuff for you!

GilvaSunner Archive / Nintendo

It sounds, to me at least, like the Universal Studios version is a re-recording of that original composition. The new bathroom version sounds a bit more chill and relaxed. It also sounds higher quality too, as it’s not constrained by the limits of the Nintendo Wii.


Personally, I’m a fan of some sweet underwater music playing in a bathroom instead of the usual thing I hear which is just some random pop music playing quietly in the background and making me question my sanity as I try to hear it over the buzzing of fluorescent lights.