Take a coffee (or tea) break…
February 10, 2012

There is nothing like the feeling of being able to enjoy a good bottle of wine from your wine racks after enjoying a delicious meal. Sometimes, the overall presentation of a wine glass standing tall next to a plate full of food excites you and makes you hungry even though you may have just finished eating.

If you are curious as to which wine you should pull from your wine racks to go with the food; it is best for you to remember simply to match the colors together. You can match the red wine with any sort of red meat and white wine with any sort of white meat. Could you mix the colors, like drinking red wine with white meat? Of course you can; it’s your meal. You can do whatever you want. In specific situations, color mixing is actually preferable, such as when you are eating fresh tuna or roasted chicken. However, if you truly want an amazing wine-and-dine experience for all other entrees, it is best if you stick with this simple color-matching concept.

However, there are two specific and separate situations that you want to avoid completely. The first has to do with your choice of wine for eating desserts. It is a serious misconception that a good dessert wine goes great with your actual dessert. This is not true and should be avoided at all costs. The dessert wines that you have stored on your wine racks were designed to be desserts by themselves, not to complement an actual dessert. Blending the two together would be going too far and can actually ruin the overall dining experience. The other point that needs to be avoided in a good wine-and-dine situation is vinegar. Wine and vinegar just not go well together in any scenario so you want to avoid drinking wine with any salad or appetizer dish that may have been dressed with vinegar.

There is an abundance of other tips and pointers that could be added to this list, but following these basic tips and warnings will ensure you are able to have a great wine-and-dine experience with almost any meal!

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