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In the previous article We have already introduced everyone to TikTok and how to add Tiktok. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of marketing on TikTok and why your business should not be delayed. And step into online marketing in parallel with a professional store management system from today.

What are the advantages of marketing on TikTok?

When it comes to statistics on social media usage during the past two years, it is found that 67% of people around the world have turned to social media via smartphones more. And vertical videos are gradually becoming more popular than horizontal. Make the platform born to clip vertically. It also supports short but fun videos and has a lot of features like “TikTok” becoming a source of viral content that is up to date with all

trends. And there are interesting usage statistics that many businesses want to jump into marketing on TikTok in order to build brands to be known and closer to their target customers.

It’s come together like this already. Let’s look at that. Why should a businessman like you not overlook marketing on TikTok? How many advantages does this platform have over other channels?

1. High downloads, frequent users

According to Sensor Tower statistics as of January 2020, TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world on both the AppStore and PlayStore. The majority of TikTok users are teenagers between the ages of 16 and 24, followed by 25-34 years. Oberlo statistics also show that most users open the app multiple times a day. And take

in the app an average of 52 minutes a day, you should not miss the opportunity to communicate and raise awareness for the brand through marketing on TikTok who have the enormous task of this

2. Algorithms. Arithmetic truly appeals to users.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that TikTok “feeds” what users “want to eat.” Because in addition to being a source of short clips, suitable for people in this era who do not like to eat long things, it is also a light-hearted fun clip that helps relieve the stress that we

have to face each day. Over time, TikTok will gradually organize the content on the For You page in the way we like. This makes us more likely to spend more time in the app.

So what advantages does this marketing on TikTok have? It’s nice that you can create content that blends in with what users like to see as if your ad was a random one. When marketing on TikTok doesn’t make customers feel like they’re being overwhelmed

or too hard to sell. It’s not hard, you will succeed in creating or Engagement Increase Traffic to click through to your website page

3 models on the market TikTok diverse and engaging consumers.

Another advantage of marketing on TikTok is that in addition to choosing to create a brand’s TikTok account to post their own content. You also have the option to shoot add or run multiple campaigns. Plus many gimmicks are also liked by consumers. And it’s easy for users to play around and become viral easily, such as

increasing your reach

if you want to increase your reach or increasing the number of people who see your ad to reach more audiences. You can choose to advertise on the app in the following formats:

• Brand Takeover is a short clip that users will see immediately when opening the app. Guaranteed to be seen by the target audience. Suitable for brands that are already known and want to promote their campaigns to their customers.

• TopView is a clip at the top of the app. and suitable for leading the target audience to the brand’s website

• In-feed Ads are ads that appear while users are enjoying different content. It’s not wrong to call them slick ads. You can set them up to lead to specific web pages.

Interact with the target audience

But if anyone wants to interact with the target audience Want to market on TikTok with a campaign that invites more people to play? TikTok has another option for you:

• Hashtag Challenge Think about a brand or campaign that sounds Catchy and is easy to remember for TikTok users. Come join the fun. There may be prizes to be won to encourage people to play. Hashtags trending will help people get to know your brand or campaign to promote more.

• Branded Effect Just create an effect of your brand for users to use. It should be an effect that can promote the campaign itself. When someone plays TikTok, pick it up and use it in their own clip, it’s equal to promoting. This is another advantage of effective TikTok marketing.

Disadvantages of marketing on TikTok that you need to be aware

Having discussed the advantages of marketing on TikTok, what are the disadvantages of marketing on TikTok that you need to be aware of?

1. If you can’t catch the attention in time, the audience will press through.

The behavior of social media users nowadays tends to watch shorter clips. And has a short focus. Therefore, although TikTok has developed to post clips that are longer than 60 seconds. But if you can’t get their attention in the first 3 seconds, people will scroll through. And if the clip is repeatedly skipped, TikTok will see it as bad content. So there

is a high chance that the clip will be pushed to the point of “drowning” and the organic views won’t be very high anymore.

2. Marketing on TikTok is not suitable for landscape videos.

As we have said The behavior of people in this era is watching more vertical clips. This may be because the mobile screen does not have to be rotated. It’s easier to use with one hand than holding the phone horizontally. or for whatever reason But if your brand is mainly focused on making horizontal clips, TikTok may not be the answer. Because

the app is designed to support vertical clips. May have to change the way of filming. Or add the image above and below to make it look like a full-screen clip.

3. It takes time and money,

because on TikTok, anyone can promote themselves or their own business. And among the millions of clips, getting your ads to reach your target audience requires a good TikTok marketing strategy, making the clips really pop, and spending the right amount

of money on ads. In order to provide feedback that is worth the money invested. It’s not a waste of money promoting clips that don’t create brand recognition.

Regardless of the platform, there are advantages and disadvantages. TikTok is the same, depending on whether How can you apply the advantages of TikTok marketing to your brand’s marketing plan?

Watching the Franchise Business Trend in 2022, the Year of “Convenience”

To keep up with The hot franchise trends in 2022, in line with changing consumer behavior after this.

For anyone looking to invest in business or want to open your own shop Franchise business It’s another interesting option. Because the investment size ranges from tens of thousands to tens of millions of baht. which the potential of the franchise business in Thailand now There has been a counter to economic growth. But before thinking of

investing Must study investment information thoroughly. The key is to capture investment flows in 2022. The trend franchise that will provide consumers are focused on “convenience” as the major

convenience store.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, retail franchises tend to be less affected. Most of the cars have branches. according to the residential community It also offers online and offline sales, trading 24 hours a day, allowing customers to access and purchase at any time,

convenient washing

washing, laundry service, car care and various vending machines. is another group that Opportunity to grow next year Because people want speed and convenience. Answering questions in rush hour In addition, entrepreneurs can also set up branches to reach consumers, especially in the community.

convenient to eat

Restaurant franchises are becoming smaller. not even the big ones turned to focus on sales Franchise because it can expand the business quickly. and also adjusting the shop model to be smaller Occupying less space, low investment, which can be seen in a

variety of formats, including street food kiosks, with a small size, will be more Self-Service,

convenient to deliver

Logistics Service including delivery as a group that meets the needs of consumers in the New Normal era because more people turn to buy products online Order food delivery This makes this group still attractive and

convenient to learn.

Online education businesses play a huge role during the COVID-19 outbreak because students are instructed to study online at home. This group has the opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds after the Covid era has passed.

The trend of best selling products in 2021. Know that they will sell well for sure.

Online sales of popular careers no need to rent a storefront don’t have to invest a lot There are multiple sales channels to choose from to sell products online. In 2021, several surveys confirm that the online marketplace in Thailand can continue to grow.

Anyone who is interested in becoming an online seller Or already sold, should update the trend of best-selling products. I know it sells well.

Today, the best-selling product trends of the year 2021 as an idea to help find products to sell online.

1. Best-selling products, fashion clothes.

The best selling product of all time is Various fashion clothing products. Fashion products will change trends every year. Most of the fashion leaders are artists, celebrities, celebrities. Therefore, the best selling products in the clothing market will change continuously according to the trend itself. Another best selling product is niche

products such as maternity clothes for nursing mothers dress for wedding Or to pick up products that sell well in season, such as summer bestsellers are swimwear, they sell equally well.

2. Bestsellers, cosmetics, beauty

nowadays, whether men or women are interested in with increased beauty It can be said that many people are starting to take care of themselves to look good always. Beauty products such as puffs, sunscreens, lipsticks, and skin creams are also selling

better than before. The more convenient online selling, this group of products tends to sell better for sure.

3. Best-selling products, sports equipment, fitness

health love trend It’s a trend that’s been hot since the last year until now. People are becoming more interested in health. You can see that almost every shopping mall has a fitness center open. This means that the gym is always in demand. Therefore, the trend

of fitness products, sports equipment will definitely sell better according to the health needs of people in this era.

In addition to sports equipment, the best sellers in this group also include clean food. low fat diet For the love of health as well.
The technique of selling products in the sports equipment category is Must focus on

materials, use of waterproof, dustproof equipment according to the type of use of each sport

5. Best-selling products, home interior accessories, furniture

The best selling products that are trending are home accessories. and must be a space-saving product cost-effective and inexpensive The best sellers in the home furnishings category are sofas, storage shelves, wallpaper, etc. Another best selling product category. household goods It’s also in a trend that sells well. whether to receive goods

from China to sell or contact the furniture factory Accepting orders for each customer It is a group of best-selling products that make good profits.

Tips for managing SMEs business tax as efficiently as possible

Many people who own SMEs often have doubts. How to do business to save tax as much as possible They also don’t know which techniques to use to plan your taxes correctly. When it comes to making a simple plan to please yourself by paying less taxes. I was afraid that it would become a call for the IRS to come to the office.

As we know very well that The matter of taxes is very difficult, complicated, and there are many details that make many people confused that What should be the plan? What taxes do I have to pay? And do I have to hire an expert? Today, @TAXBugnoms has 5 great tips on how to manage taxes as efficiently as possible for SMEs.

1. Know that… “Business” is not about “personal”.

Generally, business owners often cannot distinguish between “personal” and “business” because they misunderstand. “Business expenses are our expenses” and “Our expenses are business expenses”, so life is such a mess.

Because according to the law, the status of “owner” or “executive” will be considered a “natural person”, completely separate from the “business” with the status of a “juristic person”, plus tax law. (The Revenue Code) also forbids that Do not combine expenses Because it’s against the law.

1. Know that… “Business” is not about “personal”.

Usually, business owners often cannot differentiate between “personal” and “business” because they misunderstand. “Business expenses are our expenses” and “Our expenses are business expenses”, so life is such a mess.
Because according to the law, the status of “owner” or “executive” will be considered a

“natural person”, completely separate from the “business” with the status of a “juristic person”, plus tax law. (The Revenue Code) also forbids that Do not combine expenses Because it’s against the law.

2. Understand… What tax does our business have to pay?

Most business-related taxes are It is divided into two types, namely direct taxes and indirect taxes, each of which The details are as follows

: Direct tax is a tax that is charged directly by us and cannot be liable to anyone, that is, personal income tax. And corporate income tax itself
. Indirect taxes are taxes that we can pass all tax burden to consumers. It consists of 3 main types of taxes, namely VAT, specific business tax and stamp duty.

VAT is a tax that is charged directly to us and cannot be liable to anyone, that is, personal income tax. And corporate income

tax itself . Specific business tax is tax that is collected from specific businesses such as banks, life insurance, pawnshops, real estate business

Stamp duty is tax that is collected from specific businesses such as banks, life insurance, pawnshops, real estate business.

In most cases, SMEs are liable to two types of taxes, namely “direct tax”, which is corporate income tax, and “indirect tax”, which is value-added tax. Therefore, all SMEs business owners must understand both types of taxes as well. that each type is different And when and how are we responsible for filing tax returns?

3. Look for … good experts and consultants.

As I said from the beginning, The story of taxes is a complicated matter. Therefore, looking for a good consultant Or a specialist may be another option that makes doing our business easier than before. Especially if our SMEs business has a good trust

accountant. or a trusted legal advisor May make our business run quickly. And there are no problems with the law and documents that are confusing as well.

4. Plan … pay taxes according to the law.

The best tax planning is to use various tax benefits. to be legal especially the matter of corporate income tax We can choose from various tax benefits. As required by law, such as some expenses that can be deducted twice, etc.

5. Do not be shy … to call the Revenue Department.

For this last point Recommend for all business people that.. If there really is a tax problem or do not understand anything about taxes We don’t need to figure it out for ourselves. but can inquire from the area revenue office in the area where our business is located to prevent misinterpretation problems. legal This could become a problem in

the future, so don’t be shy and don’t be afraid. If we do not do anything illegal. The Revenue Brother doesn’t manage us to die.

Finally… I would like to leave you some thoughts before leaving. Tax matters are like shadows. who follow our business everywhere Don’t even think of running away in vain. But we should find a way to lighten the shadows by being out in the light through the

right tax planning methods. It should be easier, more convenient and time-saving, right?

sell products online How to make the top hit, updated edition 2021

In an economic condition that has to face this long covid-19, of course, everyone wants to sell online, either as a supplementary career or someone sells well. until it can be taken as the main occupation but online sales to be successful It must have some technique. Who doesn’t know how to start? Let’s take a look at it.

• Planning a life

First of all, we have to plan our life. How much is dedicated to selling our products online? If you are not diligent, we won’t stay long. I will tell you. Where will customers inquire? want to order The speed of talking to customers is important. If late, the customer has the right to choose someone else.

• Prepare budget, funds.

will start business You need to prepare some funds. Some people choose not to stock products. or some people have capital for stock However, it’s convenient. But this capital has to think long-term a bit, think only 3-4 months. If it’s not great, it’s ruined.

indispensable capital is the cost of marketing because if you want a lot of people to buy our There must be a lot of people to see and know us, right?

• Sales channels

when there are items and capital already. The next step is What channels will it sell?

If you want to be serious about sell products online Of course, there must be a website. If the system is good, this can save us a lot of time. Because the website will be able to insert other contact channels such as Facebook Messenger, Line, Instagram to allow customers to contact quickly. It also makes our business more reliable.

Pros and Cons of Selling Online

Online sales are prevalent in our society. But this clutter has already generated huge profits for merchants for quite some time. We often find only the advantages of things that benefit us or benefit us. And some may hold back from accepting new things. and looking for its shortcomings as well

Online shopping includes all things that are traded on the Internet. Of course there are advantages. There must be a mix of disadvantages for sure. Selling online may require a certain kind of conviction. is to believe that we can do it. and has a determination and determination to do that; The first period may not be successful, it may cause

discouragement and give up. But if we fight and be strong Anything that was meant to be done will surely pass and get better.

The popularity of online sales is very high and continues to occur. This may be due to the ease of trading, selling, and easier store management. You don’t have to have a storefront to be able to sell products. These are the important factors that make people turn to open online stores more and more. However, it depends on online sales. If there

is a duplicate Then we are the products that come after. It might get less attention. Therefore, our sales should be in the target audience. and make a stand out of their own products as well

Advantages of online selling

• No storefront, can sell products.

• No sales staff needed

• Low investment, no space rental required

• Delivery service directly to the customer’s front of the house

• An option to shop

• Customers can contact Talk to the shop directly.

• Online payment is available.

• Able to reach the target audience that we want.

Disadvantages of selling online

• High competition in popular business or product categories

• Confidence in online purchases may be low compared to direct purchases.

• Some products cannot be sold online. Yes

• Computer system insecurity can make payment systems insecure. May be caused by inadequate care of the website

• Unable to set product prices that are more expensive than the market. This may make it harder to sell.

Page Speed ​​Optimization Technique

Page Speed ​​Optimization Technique: Adjust your website to be faster and not miss any business opportunities. How to start?

In this topic, we will tell you a simple technique. (not technical tweaks) that will give you a website that loads faster than before Don’t miss out on any business opportunity that you can do right after reading this. Let’s see if there are any techniques.

1. Compress and shrink all files.

It must always be something that we need to focus on first. If there is a need to have a fast loading website. You should reduce the image size and file size. address on your website before In particular, image files are considered to be the culprit in determining the speed of the website at all.

For how to modify it, you don’t need to adjust the quality of the original file. because it may cause the image to be broken when it is on the website can’t look beautiful It’s a good idea to use a file compression site instead, such as TinyPng , Image Compressor.

Both of these sites are excellent at shrinking files. The kind that you hardly see any difference at all. (Secretly whispered that The Growth Master also uses this website)

By using it, just upload the desired image file. And the system will automatically compress for us. That’s it, you can use the image on the website right away. Guarantee that you will get a faster website for sure. If you have tried this method.

2. Understand what is called Tag

for anyone who writes code for a website. Tag is another speed-slow. of loading your website that you should understand and find the correct placement

If you have a chance to visit the website and see a white screen. nothing appears Shows that you need to start adjusting the position of the Tag urgently.

Because if the browser finds that tag, the browser takes time to load and complete the processing of the JavaScript before it can continue to display. causing a delay in loading

The solution is simple. Yes, you just move the location of go to the bottom before closing in the next line In order for the system to load the content of the website first.

however This method may or may not work. It must depend on all the coding that you write that is correct or not.

3. Use Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading is for websites to download content one by one. instead of downloading the contents of the website all at once It changes according to the display on our screen. (If you still can’t scroll the screen, it won’t load)

Of course, using Lazy Loading will make your website Load content faster than normal website loading. that loads the entire web at once And it’s another technique to create a good website experience for users

especially blog or content websites that need to be scrolled for a long time with tight content. This technique is considered another trick that will help with page speed. very well

For Lazy Loading, there are currently many plugins (for WordPress) that come out to do it, such as Lazy Load , BJ Lazy Load , WP Rocket that you can use according to your needs

Get rid of the old website and start Redesign + change the system in the back of the house

If your website is over 8 years old, don’t be surprised it slows down. because the backyard system includes various components All of the sites on the website are old and not developed for a long time.

Therefore, the best solution would be inevitable to try redesign and change the back of the house system to a new one. Because in addition to making your website load faster then that. There are still many benefits to the business, such as:

• Website looks better

• Maintaining the entire website easier and faster

• Increase more business opportunities. Customers like it

• Add new features or gimmicks. to websites to meet consumer behavior in the online era, such as E-Commerce systems

if you think it’s the right time Revolutionizing your website It is considered a worthwhile investment for doing business at all.