Page Speed ​​Optimization Technique

Page Speed ​​Optimization Technique: Adjust your website to be faster and not miss any business opportunities. How to start?

In this topic, we will tell you a simple technique. (not technical tweaks) that will give you a website that loads faster than before Don’t miss out on any business opportunity that you can do right after reading this. Let’s see if there are any techniques.

1. Compress and shrink all files.

It must always be something that we need to focus on first. If there is a need to have a fast loading website. You should reduce the image size and file size. address on your website before In particular, image files are considered to be the culprit in determining the speed of the website at all.

For how to modify it, you don’t need to adjust the quality of the original file. because it may cause the image to be broken when it is on the website can’t look beautiful It’s a good idea to use a file compression site instead, such as TinyPng , Image Compressor.

Both of these sites are excellent at shrinking files. The kind that you hardly see any difference at all. (Secretly whispered that The Growth Master also uses this website)

By using it, just upload the desired image file. And the system will automatically compress for us. That’s it, you can use the image on the website right away. Guarantee that you will get a faster website for sure. If you have tried this method.

2. Understand what is called Tag

for anyone who writes code for a website. Tag is another speed-slow. of loading your website that you should understand and find the correct placement

If you have a chance to visit the website and see a white screen. nothing appears Shows that you need to start adjusting the position of the Tag urgently.

Because if the browser finds that tag, the browser takes time to load and complete the processing of the JavaScript before it can continue to display. causing a delay in loading

The solution is simple. Yes, you just move the location of go to the bottom before closing in the next line In order for the system to load the content of the website first.

however This method may or may not work. It must depend on all the coding that you write that is correct or not.

3. Use Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading is for websites to download content one by one. instead of downloading the contents of the website all at once It changes according to the display on our screen. (If you still can’t scroll the screen, it won’t load)

Of course, using Lazy Loading will make your website Load content faster than normal website loading. that loads the entire web at once And it’s another technique to create a good website experience for users

especially blog or content websites that need to be scrolled for a long time with tight content. This technique is considered another trick that will help with page speed. very well

For Lazy Loading, there are currently many plugins (for WordPress) that come out to do it, such as Lazy Load , BJ Lazy Load , WP Rocket that you can use according to your needs

Get rid of the old website and start Redesign + change the system in the back of the house

If your website is over 8 years old, don’t be surprised it slows down. because the backyard system includes various components All of the sites on the website are old and not developed for a long time.

Therefore, the best solution would be inevitable to try redesign and change the back of the house system to a new one. Because in addition to making your website load faster then that. There are still many benefits to the business, such as:

• Website looks better

• Maintaining the entire website easier and faster

• Increase more business opportunities. Customers like it

• Add new features or gimmicks. to websites to meet consumer behavior in the online era, such as E-Commerce systems

if you think it’s the right time Revolutionizing your website It is considered a worthwhile investment for doing business at all.