Techniques online fish shooting

1. Choose to shoot small fish first. to start accumulating funds Because small fish will use less ammunition, die easily, earn money quickly, giving encouragement to play

2. Should not hold fire or press auto shot Because it was a waste of ammunition and a lot of money wasted. Should press fire. intentionally every bullet

3. Fish that are close to leaving the screen, the chance of dying is difficult, should not be shot

4. Every 5-7 minutes, the screen will be cleaned and replaced. During the near transition, the screen should not be shot, should wait for the screen to complete. The fish are arranged in rows. This makes aiming and shooting easier.

5. Shoot the fish that other people have shot and haven’t died yet. Chances are that the fish will die easier.

  • How types of fish shooting games can be played?

    Normally, we can play fish shooting games in

    Shared room type, where we can play with other players randomly from the system. If lucky, the whole room may have us alone. No one came to scramble to shoot the stuff. But it will be bad that when encountering tough bosses, it will take us a long time to manage and may fall out of the game. Unfortunately, the golden opportunity was lost. But if we play with many people, it will be easier, but I hope that who is faster than who is the same.

    We will be able to play alone or invite friends to play with. Just tell your friends the table number and password to play together. which has advantages in that they can help each other play The only disadvantage is that if a little friend goes and shoots the boss fish, they will probably have asthma as well.