Watching the Franchise Business Trend in 2022, the Year of “Convenience”

To keep up with The hot franchise trends in 2022, in line with changing consumer behavior after this.

For anyone looking to invest in business or want to open your own shop Franchise business It’s another interesting option. Because the investment size ranges from tens of thousands to tens of millions of baht. which the potential of the franchise business in Thailand now There has been a counter to economic growth. But before thinking of

investing Must study investment information thoroughly. The key is to capture investment flows in 2022. The trend franchise that will provide consumers are focused on “convenience” as the major

convenience store.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, retail franchises tend to be less affected. Most of the cars have branches. according to the residential community It also offers online and offline sales, trading 24 hours a day, allowing customers to access and purchase at any time,

convenient washing

washing, laundry service, car care and various vending machines. is another group that Opportunity to grow next year Because people want speed and convenience. Answering questions in rush hour In addition, entrepreneurs can also set up branches to reach consumers, especially in the community.

convenient to eat

Restaurant franchises are becoming smaller. not even the big ones turned to focus on sales Franchise because it can expand the business quickly. and also adjusting the shop model to be smaller Occupying less space, low investment, which can be seen in a

variety of formats, including street food kiosks, with a small size, will be more Self-Service,

convenient to deliver

Logistics Service including delivery as a group that meets the needs of consumers in the New Normal era because more people turn to buy products online Order food delivery This makes this group still attractive and

convenient to learn.

Online education businesses play a huge role during the COVID-19 outbreak because students are instructed to study online at home. This group has the opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds after the Covid era has passed.